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Gary's Award Winning Sausages $8.99 Kg
BBQ Sausages 2KG LOTS- $8.99 KG
Tender BBQ Steaks $18.99 Kg
Premium Lean Mince - 2 KG LOTS $9.50
Pepper or Garlic Steak $18.99 KG
Tender Garlic or Pepper Steaks: $18.99 kg
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets - $21.99 KG
Texas "Y Bone Steaks" Honey Garlic - $13.99 KG
Gary's OWN Rind less Bacon - $12.99 KG
Bacon Hocks - $7.99 KG
Full Eye Fillets - $36.99 KG
SLICED Whole (Full) Rumps - $13.99 KG
Full MSA Grass Fed Rumps - $16.99 KG
CHAR GRILL Rump Steak & Onions $18.99 KG
Marinade Rump Steak and Onions $18.99 KG
Full Rib Fillets [Average 3kg each] - $20.99 KG
Tasty Crumbed Steak 2kg LOTS $12.99 kg


Box Buy "Rolled Legs of Lamb" - $15.99 KG
Box Buy Full MSA Grain Fed Rumps - $16.99 KG
Box Full Grain Fed Rib Fillets $33.99 KG
Box Buy Grain Fed Strip loins $29.99 KG
Box Full Grain Fed Rumps $16.99 KG
Box Full Grain Fed Topsides $15.99 KG
Box Buy Eye Fillets (Beef) - $34.99 KG
Box Buy Pork Shoulder Boneless: $9.99 Kg
Box Buy Pork Collar Butt - $14.99 KG
Box Buy Pork-Fillets - $14.99 KG
Box Buy Full Easy Carve Leg Hams $16.59 KG
Box Buy Rolled Loins Pork - $14.99 KG
Box Buy "CRUMBED" Pork Loin Chops - $13.99 KG
Box Buy Rolled Pork Shoulder $11.99 KG
Box Buy Rolled Legs of Pork $11.99 KG
Box Buy American Ribs - $24.99 KG
Box Buy Diced Beef $16.99 KG
Pork Strip Loins - NO FAT - $18.99 KG
Crumbed Veal 2KG Trays $16.99 KG
BBQ Beef Ribs Portuguese: $13.99 Kg
Tender Eye Fillets - Twin Packs: $34.99 kg
Thai King Pork Chops 2kg lots: $10.99 Kg
Lean Rolled Beef Roasts: $14.99 Kg
Juicy T-Bone Steaks $24.99 kg
Full Rumps: $13.99 kg
Full Budget Rib Fillets: $20.99 kg
Full Rib Fillets Steer: $25.99 kg
Full Grain Fed Rib Fillets: $33.99 kg


Tasmanian Legs of Lamb: $11.99 kg
2kg LOTS Lamb BBQ Chops; $12.99 kg
2KG Lamb Loin Chops: $18.99 kg
Crumbed Lamb Chops: $11.99 kg
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets 5kg Tray $21.99 KG
Lamb Shanks: $10.99 kg
Lamb Neck Chops: $9.99 kg


Diced Pork: $12.99 kg
Rolled Seasoned Roast Pork $12.99 kg
Rolled Pork Roasts $11.99 kg
Rolled Shoulder Pork $11.99 kg
Gary's Brekky Bacon $11.99 kg
Crumbed Pork Chops: $11.99 kg
Roast Legs of Pork: $11.99 kg
Pork Loin Chops 2kg Lots : $13.99 kg
Rolled Loins Pork: $14.99 kg
Pork Spare Ribs: $16.99 kg
Pork Shoulder Chops: $9.99 kg
Hands of Pickled Pork: $6.99 kg
Thick Pork Sausages: $9.99 kg
BBQ Pork Sausages: $8.99 kg
Hands of Pork (Boneless): $9.99 kg
Pork Mince: $11.99 kg
Roast Cushion Pork; $9.99 kg
Pork American Ribs “Marinated”: $24.99 kg


Chicken Breasts 2 KG LOTS $12.99 kg
Chicken Breasts $12.99 kg
Chinese Honey Wings $4.99 kg
Crumbed Chicken Schnitzels $11.99 kg
Chicken Drumsticks 2 KG LOTS $4.99 kg
Chicken Kiev $4.00 ea
Chicken Mini Roasts $4.00 ea
Chicken Cordon Bleu $4.00 ea
Chicken Mince $10.99 kg
Chicken Maryland Fillets $10.99kg
Chicken Sticks $1.40ea
Chicken Necks $3.50 kg
Chicken Kebabs - Chinese Honey $1.20 ea
Smoked Whole Chickens $10.99kg
Chicken Tenderlions $11.99kg
Chicken Rissoles $7.99 kg
Diced Chicken $10.99 kg
Striped Chicken $10.99kg
Chicken Supremes $13.99 kg
Chicken Puffs $4.00 ea
Chicken Swags $4.00 ea
Whole Chickens Random $6.99 kg
Chicken Encholadas $3.50 ea


Smoked Bones $1.20 ea
Split Marrow Bones $4.00ea
Smoked Pig Ears $2.00 ea
Bags Brisket Bones $3.60kg
Chicken Pet Mince $1.60kg
Chicken Frames $2.00kg
Box Dog Bones $12.00 box
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